BLEuDAQ DMM 100 Series

Model DMM 100 Series Wireless Instrument

6½ Digit Resolution, Galvanically Isolated, USB powered remote instrument

5 channels of 300VDC* or 150VAC* RMS and/or 2/4 Wire Micro Ohmmeter

Built-In Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Sensor Linearization


  • EV Battery stack and cell voltage, temperature monitoring

  • Remote vehicle voltage and temperature monitoring/logging

  • System precision voltage, resistance and temperature standard

  • Precision sensor and calibration interface and reference

Unique Features

  • 5 Channels of 300VDC/150VAC RMS voltage scanning

  • 2/4 Wire Micro Ohm Resolution Meter (10 ohm @ 5mA)

  • Wireless connectivity for PC and Mobile device use

  • Up to 30K rdgs/sec to memory or PC via USB

  • Instrument-grade accuracy, trace ability, calibration

  • Thermocouple and PT100 RTD sensor linearization

  • Lithium Ion Cell powered for isolated, remote logging

  • 40 hour run time on cell power, indefinite on USB

  • Data logging to internal non-volatile 50K mem buffer

  • Android Mobile App and Windows PC user interfaces

  • Standard IVI and LabVIEW™- compatible drivers

  • Availability 2H 2020, 3 Models starting at $995 US

* Cat I

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