AMETRIX Instruments designs and manufactures innovative test instrumentation with a sustained focus on accuracy, repeatability, and precision measurement capability.

​My name is Glenn Fasnacht and I am the founder, president and chief analog engineer of AMETRIX Instruments, LLC. I have fifty years of experience designing products for the test and measurement industry and have worked for fifteen different companies, all of them focused on products for precise and accurate measurements of DC and low-frequency signals. In 2010, the company I was working for announced that they were closing their doors, so I gathered up the best people I knew and suggested we form our own company focused on designing high precision, easy to use test and measurement products, and so AMETRIX Instruments was formed. We all had found other full-time jobs but still managed to put in significant time and money and created our first product, the USB based Model 101 picoammeter with programmable voltage bias source.


Today I am full time committed to AMETRIX Instruments and our core development team has more than 134 years of practical experience in the global test and measurement industry. The team and I cover all key skills related to analog and digital hardware, firmware, and software design as well as other functions such as accounting, marketing, applications, and sales support.


We are now concentrating our efforts on the design and launch of our newest unique and innovative wireless precision instrument product called the BLEuDAQ™ DMM and companion BLEuVUE mobile and windows control interface software. If you have precision voltage, resistance, and temperature applications that would benefit from our totally isolated, self-powered approach, we’d like to hear more about you and your applications. Otherwise please come back and visit our site from time to time to get updated information as we complete and launch this exciting new product!

AMETRIX Instruments LLC
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