Perfectly Isolated Precision Measurements

Introducing BLEuDAQ

Compact Wireless DMM with Ultra High Earth Ground Isolation

BLEuDAQ™ by AMETRIX Instruments is the first and only Laboratory-Grade, 6½ digit accurate, wireless, fully measure ground isolated instrument for precision bench and remote test applications.

Laboratory Precision with the convenience of a wireless DAQ device

High USB power and ground isolation eliminates noise and leakage

Wireless mobile device connectivity and control simplifies operation

Compact package for embedded or remote distributed applications

Cell and battery-stack characterization and state of charge monitoring
  • Floating measurement capability allows individual cells and battery stacks to be measured

  • 4-Wire low resistance capability allows interconnect bonding resistance testing

  • Readings transferred to mobile device in real time or logged and batch transferred

Voltage/Resistance/Sensor calibration and monitoring
  • 6½ digit precision with fully specified and traceable accuracy provides accurate data

  • Custom sensor gain and offset with user programmable gain and offset parameters

  • Standalone logging up to 40 hours on cell power, continuously on USB power, data download on demand to mobile or PC hosts

Distributed wireless data logging of voltage, resistance, and temperature
  • Capable of totally isolated (high-voltage float) or USB-powered (continuous) operation

  • Up to 50K measurements logged and saved for transfer to mobile device or PC controller

  • Configure to measure voltage, temperature, and resistance using one or more devices

High precision, isolated DCV/ACV, 2/4W resistance and temperature logging
  • High accuracy DC/AC voltage, resistance, temperature plus thermocouples and RTDs

  • DVM and Ohmmeter earth isolation up to 300V PK Cat I

  • Near ideal earth isolation minimizes leakage and noise

Are you looking to reduce measurement uncertainty? We can help.

BLEuDAQ DMM 100 Series Key Advantages

  • USB or Lithium Cell Powered, Serial or Wireless

  • > 140 dB ground isolation on cell power

  • 50 k measurements non-volatile reading buffer

  • Single Channel reading rate up to 30K rdgs/sec

  • Multi Channel scanning rate up to 10 rdgs/sec

  • Included LabVIEW™ and IVI compliant drivers

  • 5 Channel DVM with 50mV to 300/150V DCV/ACV

  • 2/4 Wire Ohmmeter with 10 Micro Ohms to 100 Meg

  • Android Mobile App and Windows PC software

  • Built In Thermocouple and RTD linearization

  • >40 Hours of reading logging on Lithium Cell power

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